The Motoryacht(M/Y) MANTA is owned by a marine science non-profit organization of the same name, MANTA, which stands for the Marine Science And Nautical Training Academy. The MANTA organization’s marine science mission is to provide high school and college students a unique opportunity to learn about the marine environment, and to participate in marine science research and conservation projects. Our Caribbean study abroad programs provide an intensive, experienced-based field study program in fundamental and applied marine science and the principles and practices of the nautical sciences. To learn more about the MANTA non-profit and our programs please visit manta-online.org.


The Motoryacht MANTA is a beautiful, classic yacht being offered for custom and diverse high-end yacht charter experiences. These charters help fund the organization and our marine science programs, and allows us to make this vessel available for use by educators and researchers in marine biology or geology, or other charitable activities. Since our crew has a professional marine biologist, passengers will receive environmental, conservation, and biology education while they cruise. Please explore our website to learn about the experiences available on M/Y MANTA for your custom event on a cruise around the harbor, multi-day excursion, or a dockside event. You will not only have an unforgettable experience, the proceeds from your special event will be supporting a very worthy environmental cause!